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Here's your best advice, don't read this thread, pay attention to what you are doing, take your time and do a good job.


Originally Posted by Tom-N-Texas View Post
* avoid talking to customers

* avoid pulling weeds and other such jobs that don't pay much; waste of time.

* use Zillow and Googlemaps (square footage figures/photos)to help you give over-the-phone "best-guestimates." (this is my personal favorite)

* be selective on which yards you take. Obviously if you are a newbie or needing lots of new business then this does not apply. But if your schedule is already full, avoid lawns that seem to be labor-intensive....aka have very thick grass (which might require double-mows), corner lots with sidewalks (lots of edging/blowing), out-of-the-way accounts, require lots of weed pulling, etc.

* selectively prune out your least-profitable lawns. This will free up time for newer and better accounts.

* allow your workers to listen to music (ipods, etc) while they work. My guys seem to work faster and better when they have tunes...happier too.

* don't stop for while you're driving. I'm amazed at the number of lawn services that seem to stop down for 30 minutes or longer to eat. I prefer to get home 30 minutes sooner...cheaper too.
Sure enough, you do those things and you'll be out of business in no time at all.

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