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Hang in there

Originally Posted by southerlawn View Post
The size of our county is 760 Sq Miles were the largest county in NC, downside most of this land is pasture land or has Tyson chicken houses on it another down side is there are 5 well know LCO's around. Then you have the 25 dollar a yard guys they are the ones that really hurt new guys here because they are not just upstarts they are mostly retired guys who own a commercial mower and just want something to do. All thought I've gotten several complements on our lawn care thats about as far as it gets. If it doesn't pick up a little more next year I may have to throw in the towel. Included a photo of our work
If there are other lcos making it work, it likely has a lot to do with reputation gained over time. The cheap guys are not putting them out. Your work looks good and you should hang on if you can financially. If you can't try to find out all you can about the winning lcos or even get a job with one of them.
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