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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Honestly, he has a better chance of putting himself out of business - just by not knowing his production times well enough and not considering all of the possible expenses. You take on a $400,000 job -- only to find out near the end that you should have bid $500,000 like everyone else -- that will put you out of business faster than anything.
Yea, when bidding any job you have to know every single number.
If its a $500k job and you bid $400k just to land wont be around very long. We recently turned down a job for $1.3mil , we were at $1.6 and they wanted us to drop our price and match what the other company was charging.............wasn't going to happen. $300k is a lot of money.
When doing commercial you can lose a lot of money really fast, that's the bad part about it. You are forced to work around so many contractors, some times its ok and sometimes they are all ******ed.
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