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Originally Posted by ServinSolutions View Post
They do match the precip rate...they fill in the area the 3000's miss.
No they don't, that is unless the charts are lying.

MP 1000, 2000 3000 @ 40 PSI, square layout have PR = 0.39 in/hr for all 5 arcs listed with one exception, the MP3000 at 90 degrees has a PR of 0.37.

The MP3500 @ 40 PSI, square layout with only 3 arcs listed ranges from 0.40 in/hr at 90 degrees to 0.45 in/hr at 180 degrees.

Of course, if you don't want to believe the charts, then you can crunch the numbers yourself.

PRgross = (96.25 * Q)/A

Long story short, 0.06 in/hour difference @ 180 degree arc can translate into a whole lot of water.
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