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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
I read it because I respect your posts and am interested in incorporating some organic practices into overall care for turf. That side, however, would do well to find a more objective less alarmist spokesperson IMHO.

The results look promising and she is skilled at brewing compost tea. Three applications of anything in a month is silly. And, what do we know about thatch formation in the span of 30 days? Not much.

I remain interested.
I have to agree less that alarm-ism is a better approach. I also believe that there does need to be more concern about the amount of pesticides routinely used in the landscape & in agriculture. We need to find more sustainable ways to maintain turf & grow crops.

3 applications of tea in a month does seem like a strange protocol, but I don't know what the follow up will be. Maybe nothing for months. I'll see what I can find out.

In my experience, thatch is never a problem with an organic program as the microbes keep in in check by feeding on it. And on many sites, aeration is no longer required due to a healthy and active soil food web improving the soil structure.
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