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Originally Posted by puffyhead929 View Post
Ill be a senior at MSU. Being in the business school they only have one or two sections of certain classes so my schedule isn't as free this year and being a senior I don't want to spend my first semester driving back and forth three times a week as I have been the last two years.
Unfortunately for me the business paid for school. Without the business no school. Eventually it was, grow the business, or school. Without the business I didn't have any money for school so it became purchase more equipment and be more efficient, or limp along at school. I bought some equipment. It is ironic though, now I pay people to work and they use the money to pay for school. Maybe someday I can go back. I don't know. If you can afford to go to school, do it full time, and get it done quicker while also enjoy being a student. That's the way to go. Just don't get trapped in your business you want to try to be on top of it.
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