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I am not following I guess.... he paid your mowing fee for the month.. but according to your $25 price per cut you indicate you usually charge... that is maybe a $100 bill..... but you have already admitted you would charge $250 for the cleanup.... SO.... now you have done the $250 clean up... plus the next four cuts he has paid you $25 each. That would be $350 in my pocket.... And You are saying $3..... and $0 for your labor.... I don't work for free. And if you truly figure your cost.... it goes much deeper than the $3 in gas you spent. Count the life of your mower.. belts, blades, oil, tires, trimmer string, trimmer oils, filters, INSURANCE, etc... your cost is way more than $3. I am not trying to bash .... but rather help you realize... you wont be around long doing this... get a handle on what it takes to make money... not just thinking you are... I promise.. if you sit down and really look at the bottom line... you will see....
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