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I would not write it up as weekly edging nor shrub trimming. Can do biweekly edging and probably 2-4 hedge trimming jobs for the year to maintain a great edge and god looking hedges/shrubs. I would just write it in as edging and shrub trimming maintenance. That way you don't have to worry about them counting how many times you maintain shrubs or watch to see if u edge every time. I would also if you are unsure that it will take you an hour you may want to increase your Price just a little to cover yourself in case it takes longer. Until you do the mow-blow-edge-trim you will not know exactly how long but if is assumed a property would take me an hour I would say 70+ depending on difficulty. As far as fall spring cleanups a lot of guys go hourly rates to be safe because it is so hard to give an estjmate on something that you cant see til all the leavea drop on you. And as it is, fall cleanups can be really deceiving. Best I could say is look around at the property and see how many trees are around it and the density of leaves they hold. A spring cleanup includes ? Because if its just a cleanup its one thing, its another if its dethatching aerating over seeding and picking up all the debris . Ope this helps, good luck on it.

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