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Sorry for disappearing but I had a pretty busy week.
An update:
I've been dong this yard since 2007 (lawn care, mowing and snow removal) and we have never had any problems with her. With that being the case I offered to replace it for free but did recommended that a tree/shrub specialist should come and take a look at it, if nothing else to make sure her other bushes/shrubs are fine, but she said not to bother, that she just wants it gone. Works for me but it did get me to wondering if maybe she just wanted it gone all along. I don't know. This bush went from healthy (looking) to dead in a couple of weeks. One week I was mowing and didn't notice anything the next week it was half dead.

It wasn't a windy day when I did the app and when I spray near beds I'm not blasting full go on the gun anyway. I never mix hot and I don't fly over yards. I'm very careful that's why this has never happened to me before. I'm still going to send some samples to Madison just to ease my mind and see what they come up with. Plus, it never hurts to know more. Thanks for all the replies and again I'm sorry for letting this hang out there for so long.

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