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I love amsoil in my vehicles so I decided to try it. Called the tech line and they said run 100;1 That just seemed nuts so I ran about 80:1. Two weeks later and a one year old SRM225 with no issues previous was in the shop. Thankfully my dealer repaired it. I dumped the rest of my sabre into the waste oil. It may only be one guys experience but it was enough for me. I immediatly drained my other 2 cycle equipment and went back to lesco premium. I go through about 2 gallons a week in an average of 3 handhelds ranging from hedge clippers, to trimmer, vac, blower, chainsaw, pole trimmer etc. No issues before or since.

I have to say on this it seems amsoil is dead wrong. I thought about calling them to ask them to replace the 225 but I am sure there would be some excuse.

Still love them for my vehicles though.

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