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In reference to customers lying about the condition of their yard. When i hear "it's not that bad", i know it IS bad. My first reaction to people wanting to switch is to defend the service who has been cutting their yard. If it has been raining, I'll tell them that i'm backed up too, and to give them a little time to catch up. When they try to dance around the subject of regular service, and are frantic about getting this one cut done, I usually decline. I just dropped a lady after she agreed to a schedule. I told her that we have to stick to it, or I'll have to move on. When she refused to stick to it, i dropped her. In her mind, she thinks that i don't have a memory. 6 weeks later i get a frantic call at 6:30 a.m.. She acted like i didn't drop her, and that she was doing me a favor by calling me early enough to give me notice to cut her yard, THE SAME DAY. Are you kidding? They think you can wait for six weeks, get their call, and then pay all your bills with their check. Thick skull or something else. Ofcourse i didn't do it.
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