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Originally Posted by FoghornLeghorn View Post
just put a mulch plate and sharp blades on your mower, then mulch the leaves into the ground.

Your clients don't really care HOW you get their yard clean, as long as it looks clean. Besides, in leaf season, it'll be covered in leaves a day after you cleanup anyway...

Forget the logistical headache of bagging, hauling, dumping leaves. That's for suckas!
don't think that's a fair opinion man. Yes, it's a headache dealing with hauling etc, but not everyone wants leaves mulched into grass, or blown into their woods. Most of my customers would have a fit if I mulched leaves into the grass. Plus what happens when the grass stops growing? You'll be mulching leaves into leaves... blowers, leaf plows, and a decent leaf vacuum are the only way to go...
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