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Originally Posted by Dwittbecker View Post
I was having trouble with my echo back pack blower. Then I found out that you have to use mid grade gas. 0 trouble. Low grade gas has to much ethanol. I have a echo trimmer and blower that are 10 years old and still run great.
They have the same amount of ethanol. 10%

Difference is octane. The higher octane helps it resist pre-ignition.

89 octane fuel, and any good 2 stroke mix should be fine in an echo. If your going to use amsoil, use it as directed. They advise 100:1. If you don't trust their recommendation, why use the product?

I suspect your Echo is set borderline lean from the factory. In the heat, it would like a little richer mix. Not the fuel/oil mix. But rather the fuel/air mix.

I don think I'd break in a new machine on it, but if I was going to run the Amsoil, I'd do it 100:1
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