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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
Dont get me wrong new hollands are good machines ( i own 3) but i previously owned a c185 (2006) and it was nothing but problems. I was constantly going through idlers, and went through 2 drive motors within 700 hours. The machine was just out of warranty and i ended up paying around 6k each plus my guys labour to install them. And at the time when the last drive motor went i got the very last one in the world. They where on quite a back order at the time. There was a common problem where a seal goes out in the back of the drive motor . Make sure you check the oil level in the drives every couple hundred hours , and really really clean around the drive (ecspecially behind it where the dirt hides and is very hard to get) Besides that it was a great machine when it ran. I now have a 2009 c175 with only a 150 hours on it which i am very happy with and havent had a single issue. How many hours are on your unit?
This machine is 2009 with just 1000 hrs on it. Sure hope we dont have the same problems you had. Like I said the dealer is good and I know he will stand behind the machine for a while for any big issues.
I payed a little more than shopping country wide for the best price because he will fix it for a while.

Thanks for the positive comments appreciate them.
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