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thoughts on biweekly mulching in the fall

last year I bagged, which was pretty good, but I was not making enough money as I hoped, because when I asked my customers if they needed it, they would say no, and only get me to do it only twice or three times. and it was a PITA only because I would have to haul all the leaves with a tarp on my open trailer, and sometimes it would get so full me and two guys couldn't pull it off, and sometimes I would have to get the spare mower at the house and tie a strap to the tarp and pull it off with the mower, sometimes I would rip the tarp and have to shovel and blow the leaves out. and I would always have to leave my mower at the customers house while I went off and dumped the leaves. it was a huge pain!!

well, this year im thinking maybe ill just get a mulch kit and get my customers signed up for biweekly mulching in the fall and winter, for only a little bit more than what they would pay for a lawn cut. and just tell the people that call for a leaf removal that they must be sign up for regular service in order to get a leaf removal, and that should weed out most of the really bad ones. this should ensure me some regular income that I didn't have last year, because the way I did it was on a as needed basis, and that was a mistake.

is this a good idea? would this leave too much work on the table?
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