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You have to market at a LOT of different angles all at once to really get the phone going!

We market on 1- Angie's list 24/7 365
2- Craigs List we run several different ads all throughout the day everyday! 10-12 hrs a day
3- Website 24/7 365
4- Multiple lead websites 24/7 365
5- Always talking to people and other business owners. Constantly!
6 - Business cards and magnets constantly.
7- Send out the helpers on rainy days and knock on doors. If they are competent enough!

You'll spend a LOT of time and money in the beginning but as your work load builds you can taper off and start being more picky about your clientele.It takes a while, even if you have to go get a part time job, DO IT, I DID do it until your financially sound, it's probably the best thing I did, but I kept marketing marketing marketing. We still market very heavily just more focused now.
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