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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
Hah I'm sure he's thinking about his insurance, tax, and equipment depreciation. it's included in his $25 service
It's a lot harder to grow a customer base without customers than it is with them. Try being 18 again with an old lawn tractor, a 13 year old truck, and a utility trailer trying to charge top professional rates for a 2 hour job in the middle of a low income neighborhood and tell me how successful you are. You have to start somewhere and If I listened to people like you, I would have spent that day sitting on my ass doing nothing, instead of being outside and proving my abilities and attempting to establish a business. That costs a lot more than knocking down some weeds. I already have funds saved for wear and tear and know more goes into it than $3 for gas. Every little use degrades equipment a little bit more, but that's why you buy decent stuff and perform this thing called routine maintenance.

Honestly, I feel like I spend more time defending myself on this forum than I do learning how to run a business.

And you can try ragging on a $25 service, but when you don't know the lawn, the area, or anything about the local pricing, you're just going to make yourself look like an ass. Good job.
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