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Couple of observations I made at the beach, we were at North Myrtle.

1. NPRs are king, and I can see why with all the mess of traffic and cramped spaces.
2. More exmarks than anything, and a LOT more walk behinds than ZTRs, which there are a lot of chopped up areas, but even on the larger areas, walk behinds.
3. People in my area do anything they can do get rid of pine needles and they are priceless at the beach.
4. You can't drive a mile without seeing a LCO, or at least someone with a couple of mowers.
5. Image is the least thing LCOs worry about. Ya, it was hot there, upper 80's, low 90's, but still... I would say probably 60% of who I saw cutting, individuals and crews, wore shorts w/no shirts, or jeans w/no shirts. I guess property owners at the beach call it "beach life".
6. Clumps don't matter... Numerous lots over 1/2 acre with windrows and clumps left laying everywhere.
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