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Use the search engine to do a search on Carburetor tuning/adjustment either here, or on Arboristsite.
Also, ereplacement parts has videos on carb rebuilds and may have one of tuning, too.
You may need special adjustment tools or have to use a dremel to cut a slot in the head of the hi and low screws to be able to turn them.
If the plastic limiter caps are off the carb screws, most carbs start with the screws set at about 1 turn out from totally closed. You can carefully turn each screw in until it seats lightly, then turn it out one full turn. That should get you in the ballpark.
The lo screw is turned in and out until the trimmer will accelerate quickly and cleanly off idle. The high speed screw is set so it will rev out well.
I'm not an expert on this, though, so I suggest you find a good video or other information source.
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