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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
No matter if you put 10 hrs. or 30 hrs. per week on a mower, problems will eventually show up, and together I've put 2500 hrs.+ on Super Z mowers without seeing any of the structural problems of cracks or mufflers falling off, no electrical problems of any type, no wiring problems of any type, never had a clutch fail or give any problem. The first down time I ever had was due to a pan gasket seeping, of which most people would have continued to run because of it being so minor.

I'm the type person that will not own a piece of any type machinery that is not mechanically perfect, so to say I own and operate Hustler Super Z mowers is a very strong testimony to the machine, or at least to the ones I've owned.

I can understand some, such as yourself have not been that fortunate, and if you get one that puts a bad taste in your mouth, you will probably look for another brand to own and operate, I know I would.
If Hustler would of had a deck that cut clean up here, and if they had changed the wheel motors I might of traded it in on another super z but that was not the case. Plus downtime cost us our livlihood ? I think we put a lot more heat cycles in our mowers each day than you , causing weak points to show up in less hrs than yours. The heat under my super z was intense with the 30 kohler bad design on the heat from the exhaust weep holes, literally melted the pigtail where it plugged into the clutch.

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