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skipped page 2 and skimmed page 3.
to me it sounds like you have the right mentality towards running a profitable business and expanding that business, but all of your dilemmas are family related... aaand they have no idea what it takes to run a lco. so to put it simply run your business and keep doing what you are doing, but as far as your family, try to take the time to make them understand how your business works, how you want to run it and price it, and why you have to price it like that, bring up some of your competitors numbers to help them understand.
as far as the religion aspect goes... your mowing for dollas not mowing for jesus because jesus doesn't pay the bills.
personally i have a similar problem but yet quite different, my family is pretty extensive and many have seen my work but i have not gotten a single referral from them the entire year i have been in business, so if your dad/family know people that gets business in the door (which church will often do) take advantage of that but do not let him give any numbers.
as far as sister and brother tell them you will do it at cost plus a small something, but free is ridiculous.
oh and any customer that asks for a price for lawn care without trimming and blowing, just give them the same number.
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