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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
My wife and I are schooling our youngster in the family business. He's almost 11 and has been helping us out this year and is really coming along. He got his own Echo backback at the beginning of the year and just this week I picked up an Echo srm225 for him . The trimmer was too long so I took it apart cut the tube and shaft down to fit him and installed an edgit or what we call the Chinese head so that it's like his mom's trimmer.

It's funny seeing him change from a video game playing / book nerd to a confident young man. It has toughened him up some which he needed. I love the talks we share from job to job and I always remind him that he can be anything that he sets his heart to. We are doing our part to raise a hard working well rounded human being.
That sir is fantastic!!! Good job dad.
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