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I could use some opinions or critique on my first commercial bid. I have only done residential business for a year and a half. Buddy of mine convinced me to expand to commercial accounts. The account has 15 acres with very little obstacles. Trimming would consist of 561 feet (used measuring wheel). Has 2 flower beds that are a combined 500 sq. ft. I can get mulch for $22 cu. yd. And has 18 bushes to trim. Mulch has to be done once a year, bushes 3-4 times. Also has 11 acres that need bush hogged. My plan is to use a 4 man crew when the flower bed need done and 2 man for the mowing/trim. My price break down is this:

Bush Hogging will take roughly 3 hours with 15 ft batwing price $500 ($125 per hour)
Mowing should take 3.5-4 hours with 2 machines running price= $420 ($56 per hour)
Trimming with 2 units working will take 4 hours price= $180 ($45 per hour)
Trim Bushes with a crew of 2 will take 3 hours price= $108 ($36 per hour)
Mulching with a crew of 4 will take about 5 hours (mulch will cost $3670) price= $4320 first time pricing this service, am I close? My total bid for the job is $24,752. Breaks down to 1x charge of $5528, 3x charge of $1208, and 26x charge of $600. This sounds high to me, but like I said it is my first commercial bid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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