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I have no idea of what the property consist of or its layout, but a few things stand out.... 2 trimmers takes 4 hrs to go 561ft ?? Trimming 18 bushes with two guys will take 3 hrs? And the biggie... Mulching 500 sq ft will cost HOW MUCH??? Or was that suppose to be 5000?? if it is 500 ... you don't need 4 men... and better not take 5 hrs. I don't know what mowers you run, but you need to follow procuts model and understand how much acreage your mower can cover in an hr. And finally .. your breakdown .... "Breaks down to 1x charge of $5528, 3x charge of $1208, and 26x charge of $600." completely lost me... Sorry I cant be more help.... but your numbers aren't adding up and I think your estimating may be off.... hard to say.
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