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I charge a minimum of 120.00 for a lawn with very few leaves. Now are you talking about a weekly removal rate or just a one time clean up? That definitely depends on the amount of leaves. One time clean ups I don't even schedule until the first of December. "when its slow" the charge can be any where from 200.00- 450.00 up to a half acre. Depending on depth of leaves and type of leaves. I usually don't do many over a half acre. I shoot for about 90-100.00 per hour. You gotta figure in dump fees and time to unload. Which solo can be daunting. If they don't want to pay me what I ask no big deal. I hate leaf clean ups. It always seems to be windy when I go to collect the leaves. As for methods I bought an old 55gal bagger with a pony motor vac. For 200.00 I cut it up and made a wheelbarrow type bagger that I can fit through gates for back yards. The pony motor can be removed and easily interchangeable with the collection box I made for my laser, as well as the leaf box I mount on my trailer. Normally I get the leaves to the curb,mulch them with my w/b. Then load them into my trailer.
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