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Originally Posted by MTenterprises View Post
So I took the vride in for a full service a week ago and shame on me for "trusting" that it was just serviced and there was no need to do the religious oil check before each mow. Wrong! When I took it in the dumb "smart sensor" was flashing that the oil needed changing, so when I picked it up after service and it was still flashing, I just figured it was a dummy light. I mowed at least 4 hours worth and decided to check the oil and it was bone dry. Holy crap. I could have burned up a Kawi 26 with only 120 hours on it, but somehow it didn't. Then I started panicking thinking that the motor was using oil, very badly if it was gone in a few hours o mowing. So, I filled it up nd mowed 2.5 hours yesterday and it didn't use a bit of the oil. The question now is did the mechanic at the dealer or get to add oil? Did h just not add enough oil? It had to have at least some oil in it for it not to lock up on me.

I'm going to call the dealer Monday and explain. I should also mention that when I picked it up they had not installed the new blades that I had requested and I had to ask them to do it before I left. Should I be worried about interior motor damage like cylinder scoring? It's still under warranty but it is running fine now. What would you do? Other than find another dealer in the future!

I was told after a curtousy oil change at the dealer that the oil change light flashes 2 hours before the interval and 2 hours after no matter what. I paid for the oil, just not the labor.

Is this a lie?
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