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So either Nutsedge or foxtail. Well the problem is that I have NEVER seen this type of weed before. Even worse is that its covered about 70% of my lawn. One of the sod mats is entirely covered up with it.

My issue was that about 70% of my sod was yellow within the first week. Second week some of the weeds started popping up.I didnt think it was a weed, just the grass growing again. Third week, I knew it was a problem when about half my lawn was covered by this weed. I reads online that mowing around 3 inches should help solve it but I was told not to mow the lawn until a month has passed since installation, which will be next Monday.

As for the spray, I would use it but like I said, it is covering pretty much a majority of my lawn. I don't know the side effects of it. I learnt that the hard way with Round up (Never again!!!)

If I can, I will try to snap a few pics of the lawn just to show how much its covering.
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