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Relax. Of course there are ways to protect yourself. In cases of Hurricanes, Acts of God, or other damage - that's what you carry liability insurance for.

And if you're smart, your contract would have something in it to protect you against unreasonable obstruction or delays as well.

But a certain amount of construction delays, having to work around other contractors, having to start a job and then being ordered to wait for a little bit until you continue - that's all part of commercial landscape construction. You have to plan for these things. And if you don't, it can really bite you in the a$$. This is where the experienced guys really know their stuff. I don't do commercial work anymore at all. But I have a good friend who owns one of the biggest commercial landscape companies in the state. And so having done them before and having this good friend who still does this, I'm fairly familiar with the process of how they bid jobs, what they plan for, how exactly perfect you have to know your numbers, etc.

It's not rocket science. But it you do have to be meticulous and really know your numbers up and down to consistently be profitable in the commercial market. It's REALLY low profit margins. So overlooking even something relatively small can cost you all of the profit for that job. Or even more, if you really mess up.
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