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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
It still is only one powerhead and if that breaks you have a bunch of useless attatchments. I assume he isn't spending his life savings to finance his brothers.
No SHE is not! I want to help them to do better. I own a couple other businesses. In stead of giving them money all the time, I told them I'd help them create a path for themselves. (Younger brothers/Older more beautiful and motivated sister )This is what they came up with. I've been reading a lot on here and learned a lot even myself.

I think, if they start small it would be fine with just the mowing services, but my friend kinda of scared me with the equipment thing. He was adamant that it was dumb to help them when I physically would not be doing the work and they couldn't repair equipment. But I can nag them to death to make sure they do it as I always do.

There plan is to do what I pay someone to do. A guy comes around to do my lawn for $50 bi weekly. He's usually done withing 20 minutes. My yard is over 5K sqft but less than 10K sqft according to his pricing. Where his money comes in is when I needed fertilizer, and weed control, and to cut the hedges back, reestablish beds. That $50 job landed him $240 with the upgrades and it was still just one guy that did all the work within an hour. From what I saw, he did it faster having that zero turn mower instead of the push mowers so I told them they have to have that to move faster.

Either way, they decided to do this since they already do it for a lot of people on our parents street for years since they were early teens.
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