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I have 3 degrees turf science, horticulture, turf maintenance. I'm glad I got them but the degree is only a piece of paper. My knowledge from what I learned is what I'm proud of and find usefull. I still go to a lot of one day seminars and re learn or learn new stuff. I feel there just as good but would take a lot longer to learn as much. See if community collage has a green program. You can go at night.
Also ill say this, 3 friends graduated when I did. We all started the same time. One had dads money the other 2 and me where on our own. Daddy's money made it 9 months. The other two are still in the business one had a guy buy in and they are doing okay. Probably 50 high end accounts but by no means are making a killing. The other is also doing okay but still not great. Then there's me who they hit up for work and Equitment and ask why I'm so much "bigger" (Which you'll learn doesn't always mean more money. Got to feed the beast). It's simple we all know the same answers to each question we all do good work but they have zero personality. It's like talking to a board. They can't sell to save there life. There is other variables to but main thing is there presentation.
I guess in short knowledge I great and makes a huge difference but It won't make you successful.
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