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Been on vacation, as well as trying to coordinate a relocation, but thought I'd ease back in to the lawnsite swimming pool...

Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Anyone have thoughts or insight on how important reviews are in general or in terms especially as it relates to SEO from google plus reviews?
They're important from both a search standpoint, as well as a trust marker. Thankfully, Google dumped the Zagat ratings and has returned to their 5 star format. What hasn't changed is the need for 5 reviews to trigger the showing of the stars. You want to make sure your reviews are completely legit and not part of an avalanche (read: unnatural) of new reviews. In general, Google tends to have a very low trust threshold for reviews, so it's best to proceed with any review-gathering strategy with caution and try to be as natural as can be.
Originally Posted by Landscape Poet
I think my google use has trained me to look past them and wonder if that is not the case for most people who have been using the web for awhile.
It's exceedingly common for people to become "situationally blind" to the ads. I only notice them when I want to. Unless you can rank your ads well (adwords ads rank for quality, much like sites do), and put them above the main results, I find very little use in them, and the click-thrus correspond. In the last year and a half, I've seen mobile adword results have better click-thrus than desktop, all other things being equal. I attribute this one to the screen real estate and nothing more.

Originally Posted by Landscape Poet
I am not getting a large number of clicks from the ad's which is ok as I really just wanted to review what key words people were using when they clicked on my ad however I thought the ad campaign might bring in some extra leads but to be honest I think with my keyword getting first page rankings - isn't ad words just kind of a waste other than the research?
I love that you're using adwords for research! It's one of the absolute best uses of it, especially if you have one of those $100 adword credits collecting dust in your email inbox. For those that aren't aware, setting up a keyword campaign can give you great market testing for your desired words or niche, which would otherwise take significantly more time, and expense, to do.

As for whether adwords is a waste of time? For you, based on your keyword rankings, probably so. As Headz points out, coupled with organic results, they can act as qualifying reinforcers of each other. Beyond that, I would either reallocate the funds to other keywords that could use propping up, or put the money in to another marketing application.
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