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I've been browsing this thread for the last few days, an hour here and an hour there. All I have to say is I am impressed to see someone who is a few years younger than myself that has his act together as much as you do. Congrats on the success and growth of your business!

I'm not in the lawncare/landscaping/hardscaping business...yet, but I am educated in marketing and have noticed that both proturf and yourself have something in common with your businesses besides the obvious. Both of you have put time, money and effort into building your BRAND more so than marketing a product/service....very wise of you, imo. Every swinging dick with a truck, shovel and mower can go out and "market" the same services y'all are offering, they will likely get business for their marketing efforts. Building your brand and then providing your brand with more exposure via your targeted marketing efforts will cause customers to seek YOU out rather than always chasing down your next contract. Keep working your plan my friend!
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