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That's my thoughts and according to the dealer Stihl is not warrantying the carbs anymore because they cant be sure what people are running in them.Always 89 octane and the Stihl ultra mix oil.I use 5 gals every 8 days so the gas is not stale. I bring them to the dealer and get them back with a new carb at $125 a whack. the Br600 is going through a spell right now with these warm days sitting in the back of the truck heat expansion is forcing gas out the carb saturating the air filter and wont start unless I pull the air filter off.brought that in and asked them to check the vent. they said that was fine probably gonna need a new carb. I bought this in November last year so it saw Nov,May,June,and part of July before needing new carb. Fs90 was Purchased Oct last year and is in the same schedule for carb replacement
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