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It was raining yesterday, so I couldn't mow my customers' yards. However, I did mow my yard, and the machine left a fantastic cut, and was very gentle on the turf. It left a better cut and less mess in the wet than my Toro does in The dry. I'm impressed! It will take some getting used to. I was having a tough time mowing a straight line at first, but by the time I finished my yard I pretty much had it. I can see how a hydro would be much easier and less fatiguing to operate, buti didn't want to have to replace pumps and wheel motors. I have a few jobs lined up for the afternoon, so I'll have a better idea of how to operate it by the end of the day.
I painted the beltway cover last night , and I need to paint the deck as well. (It had a bag of fertilizer left on it.)
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