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Originally Posted by Resident View Post
Question for you Pros...

I am a non-professional homeowner with a pretty big yard. Roughly 2/3 of an acre. When you add in the fact that a 75' by 30' section is at a 20 degree slope, it a tall order for a residential bagger mower to handle. I am considering making the jump to a large walk behind mower to save me some time and take the stress of my knees on the hill.

Right now I am talking with a gentleman for a 32" exmark metro mower with 50 hours on it. Looks to be in good shape. If I buy it, i want to get a sulky to throw on the back so I can go side to side on the hill and not destroy my knees. That said, he wants a $1,000 for it. Is that a good deal? It has a 12.5hp Kawasaki engine. Looks like it might be 7-8 years old, but in pretty decent shape.

I would love to hear your thoughts... Any advice on what questions I should be asking?

Thanks guys...Warren
Get the model and serial #'s. I'm almost certain it's older than 8 years old just by the engine. Also doubt it only has 50 hours since these never came with an hour meter to begin with.
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