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Originally Posted by Resident View Post
Great advice. I appreciate the info. If I get the serial number, what should I be looking for?
Post the model and serial #'s when you get them and I can tell you the year of the mower. Overall looks like a nice machine especially for it's age (hard to say for sure from one picture). I'd look to see if it's been repainted (over spray around tires and decals are a dead give away it's been repainted). If it's been repainted they might be trying to hide it's age. I'd check to see if it moves forward smoothly in all forward gears and reverse is assist so you have to pull it to get it to move in reverse. Also check out the engine as you normally would.

If it drives and runs good that's not a terrible price (not knowing the year). Knowing the age of the mower will give you a starting point to knock some off of the price.

Belt drive walk behinds are pretty simple to work on and much less expensive than hydro machines.
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