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the slopes beside my extra garage and the big hill behind my hill are lawn grass hydroseeded when i built my house. i have been mowing it with lowes mower up and down and then weedeating when too steep. this weedeating takes 2 guys around 2 or 3 days to finish, mowing around 4 hours each day

the ridgetop is pasture mix and fescue it was created via dozing 2 years ago. the dozing created slope that are fescue.

on the lower half of my property i still have some brush. i hope for cattle and few horses there.

the ridgetop, my 3 acre yard, along with the slopes and big hill behind my house leading up to the ridgetop i hope to maintain as green grass.
plus the grass along my 2800 ft driveway.

thanks again for the dialog
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