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Wow, nobody posted here in about three weeks! That can only mean that everybody is working.

Yes, continuing to pedal fast here. No breaks, no slack time for getting the bush trimming jobs done. I am way behind. Grass continues to grow, and we get enough rain to keep it moving. Looks like some of you north of 'burgh may be getting hammered tonight.

How about ground nests? Last season, I did not get stung one time. This season, I think I've been nailed four or five times. Today was the worst. I can't count them all, but about 10 total, in four different places. I hit the nest with the trimmer, and they were really aggressive. I kept backing off, and a couple of them stung me at least 30 feet away.

Two weeks ago, I got stung twice. It was at an open location. I searched in vain for a nest, but found nothing. Last week, while mowing the same property, I found the nest, about 35 feet away from where they stung me the week before. Last week I mowed over the nest once, without harm. In the return pass, I saw the nest about 10 feet in front of the mower to was able to avoid.

In nearly all cases, the stings are through double socks, on the ankle. I always wear a thin underliner, and a a heavy work sock over top. They are able to penetrate both, and still do damage.

Usually, ground nests appear after a prolonged dry and hot spell, in dry ground. This is not the case this year. In all cases, except today, the nests are in an open area, a hole in the turf at a place with no significance. Today, the nest was under a dogwood tree, in an area I cannot mow, but keep trimmed down with the string. The hole was next to a fern stump. I'm hoping that when I return next week, some larger critter, such as skunk or raccoon will have dug it out.

Anybody else seeing a proliferation of ground nests this Summer?

Just for reference, my July cuts/sales were very close to May, certainly much better than June. A season unlike others.
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