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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
It's been a good year for services, but a bad year on sales. Not sure what is going on but people are crazy on some of their expected prices. I had a guy contact me and ask me if I could manage his 6 acre property for $80! Last week I did a estimate in the country, was 1 acre and I quoted $70 weekly. She told me the last guy did it for $40. And I lost every bid (by nearly half the price) that was 1 acre or more.

I guess I'm more profitable on smaller residential property because that is what I am setup to service. But if you guys out there with your big trucks and multiple zero turn trailers are charging these prices for larger properties... I feel sorry for you.

Anybody else have this problem?

I'm still "small scale", so I don't know what rates are for "zero turn" lawns, but I'm finding that the tiny, "push mower" city jobs are much more profitable than the medium sized lawns in the suburbs that can be cut with my 36" walk behind.
$35 seems to be the sticking point for most, for lawns that could take from 35 minutes to an hour, yet they pay $30/$35 in the city all day long for a "lawn" that takes 15-20 minutes total.

Mondays and Fridays are my "trailer days" when I take the walk behind and mow my larger properties. I make more money on my "city days" when I take only my 21" mower and cut all these little lawns that are never more than 30 minutes at a casual pace and are all within a one mile radius.

Just picked one up today in Regent Square for $40/weekly. It boggles my mind the difference a few miles can make. Try getting that in somewhere like Penn Hills (for a lawn 5 times the size) and they look at you like you are a criminal for suggesting such a price.
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