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Follow up to my previous post.

LOVE this machine. I've put ten hours on it.

Mowed about 4 acres of very clean and smooth lawn around the houses, shed, garden and driveway. No sweat. Beautiful cut.

Then I decided to do a bit of torture-test.

I mowed about a 1/2-acre in front of my barn. 6-foot tall pasture weeds. Thick, choking, Amazonian, deep jungle kind of ****. Felt like I should be riding an elephant and looking out for tigers. I set it on 5" (max setting) and had to let the mower creep through and rock it forward and backwards a bit to keep from choking it. But...I made it. Took a second pass of course, a third pass in some spots, but damned if it didn't get it done. I also did a little 2-acre pasture that had a 5-foot tall weeded center section. Once again, I crept through the first pass, then did a second or third pass.

I also mowed maybe 1-acre of one of my cow pastures with no problems. I'm gonna mow the rest of it tomorrow.

My hay-field however is too thick, thigh-high, too big, and I would have to creep the whole thing. I'm having a buddy of mine bush-hog it.

Incredibly impressed with this ZG227 beastly machine.
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