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Originally Posted by docjones View Post
I tried to upload this photo the other night with no luck. Hope it works now. Anyway, this grassy weed is all over this commercial property I have. I'm in transition zone with this lawn being mostly TTTF. I think it's paspalum but wanted your opinions. Is there anything available to control it? I figured since it's a commercial property, I might have more options than residential.
Funny you posted this doc. Here is a thread I have going. Here are some pics of what I found in a lawn. I haven't taken any since I sprayed last Saturday but I can say this stuff is hardly holding on to life since I sprayed it and its only been 6 days. I used Solitaire for the first time and if it suppresses this stuff then I have a winner. Hit it with Q4 back at the end of June and I might as well sprayed it with spring water!

Hope this helps you.......

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