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Originally Posted by Resident View Post
I always hear people say that Briggs are bad. Are you saying that in general, or do you know something specific about this engine. When I was a kid, I had a B&S on my go-kart and it worked like a champ.

I cant find jack about 32" ferris durabelt GD on the internet. Did they make this mower for like 10 mins and close the line down? Do you have any idea what year it might be?

Really appreciate the input.
Yes I had a similar engine except it was a 16hp and it blew with 150 hrs on it. I always changed the oil and did all maintenance it just always had a problem. Also it is a gas hog compared to the kawasaki I have now. Also that is a small engine for that mower. Personally I do not like driving belt driven mowers. I only use hydros and I would never go back. I do not like fixed decks either. They are hard to adjust height of cutting and don't leave as good of a cut. Float decks are way better
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