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So was the $ you saved worth the hassle you have spent so far plus not having anybody who will warranty it?

My full time job is manager of a ski retail shop. It is very easy to get ski stuff online, but usually you dont save that much $.

I will warranty the brands I carry if a customer brings them in, but dont expect me to put in the extra effort to get it taken care of.

Now the people who buy the stuff from me...If possible, and I kno I will get a quick replacement I can pull out of stock. Many of the companies dont even want to have the stuff sent to them to inspect. They take the dealers word, pics and opinion on the warranty. If it will get warrantied all comes down to how it is described to the manufacture. You can give 2 totally different descriptions, that are both true, but totally different outcomes..

If I want a good dealer support, I bye from them, or dont expect much.
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