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Originally Posted by dathorpe View Post
GMLC, I respect your opinion but I think you're off on this one. If you compare the Scag swzt to other 48" WB's, it's pretty much right in line. The Turf Tracer outweighs it by about 15 lbs. and the Scag is actually faster. Would you consider the Turf Tracer high end home owner? The Scag is running the same damn Kawi's that you find on every other WB. I suspect that the reason for the home owner remark is that it carries a freedom deck and the lack of anti-scalp wheels. Which I agree, it definitely should have anti-scalp and I wish it carried my beloved velocity. But for 5g? A full blown hydro with transaxles?
I do hope Im wrong. The freedom deck is my main concern as Im a huge velocity fan. I should be looking at one in person tomorrow and I will take a ton of pics. Scags original info on the WB said it was entry level but last I saw that had changed as they dont even call it the freedom deck anymore. I apologize if I offended you as that wasnt my intention at all.
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