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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Just got to use the new scag WB for about 20 min at the dealer. Only in the parking lot but I got a really good feel for the machine and took a bunch of pics. Im going to try to get a full demo next week. I will start a new thread tonight with my opinions with hopes of turning it into a full blown review if I get to cut with it!

I will say this now. The machine is going to have a huge niche market. Those who need this kind of machine will love it. I will go into more detail...
Looking forward to some pics and your opinions.

I need to upgrade from my Quick 36 Dually. We change heights a lot, and like the rapid height feature of the new Scag.

I'm used to a lot of deck clogging in wet conditions with the Quick. How do you think the Scag deal will deal with wet grass?

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