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Originally Posted by neblawncare23 View Post
What is the best 21" push mower for bagging grass, especially when its wet??
Currently I have a Toro Supper Bagger with Honda motor and is personal pace, which I love that aspect of it. But it isnt worth a **** for bagging wet grass. The mower plugs up even before the bag is full.
So what would you guys recommend on getting? I am solo and dont use push mower more than a half hour a day, but when I do I want it to work. And I bag all of my lawns when I use push mower.
I have the same super bagger as you and the same issues in wet grass. So, this spring I got the Exmark X series commercial 21". Fabulous bagger. It packs the bag really tight and sucks up tall wet grass very well. The other impressive thing is that very little grass seems to stick to the underside of the deck. As a mulcher, it's ok but not the best.
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