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Yeah, I don't get why i still have blowout when baffle is on. It's crazy. The mower is in the shop for the 2nd time in a month. I think the hydro belt went since something popped and no movement at all. Luckily another LCO was across the street and helped me get it on to my trailer from the backyard of the property I was at. I told the shop to fix, tune up engine, change fluids and plugs and check engine speed.

As much as I don't want to sell it I'm actively searching for a replacement mower. Going back to a 48". It will fit thru more gates. I'm using my 36" stander way too much. I'm selling that as well. Looking at Toro, Exmark and Scag stand ons. I may go back to a ZTR. I'll look at Bobcat again as well. I may go new. I'm leaning toward Toro and Exmark only cause the dealer is 5 minutes away from home and I have a good relationship with them. But I really want a Scag velocity plus deck mower. But the dealer is 25 minutes away and I have no relationship there so we'll see. That dealer also sells Bobcats too.

I may flip the 36" and get a rapid height 36" since they seem to pop up alot on CL. That may be a bad thing though. Maybe a 36" WB with a X2 Velke again. My previous setup was Bobcat 48 ZTR and 36" Toro WB with X2 Velke. I thought my mower setup was going to be good for a few seasons after buying these standers this year but back to the drawing board.
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