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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
Years ago I put a 48" JD, a 21" Toro, trimmer, blower and gas cans in a Ranger. Worked out of it for the first two seasons. Easy to park and maneuver. Pain to load and unload dang near everything at each job. That said, it was what I had. Way easier to load and unload from a trailer with a ramp gate.

If you can swing a trailer, your s-10 will pull a 5x10 nicely. Good size for a solo, or even with a helper. More than enough for your current mowers, and room for that 52"-54". A single 3500# axle is the way to go. A 2000# axle is pushing it when you add your next mower, or haul any dirt, rock, sod etc.
well the fact it was put in a ranager i can't imagine my s-10 would be much different. it might be a pain but its what i would have to work with, thanks for telling me that because i was really unsure of how everything would fit, i have an extended cab so if i had to put say a blower back there i would, but that makes me feel better that i could make it work if i had to
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