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Originally Posted by Greyst1 View Post
I don't understand what Scag was thinking.... Why couldn't they just put these new controls on the pro v......???? If it doesn't have a velocity plus deck on it i don't even consider scag for walk behinds.... Way to many good walk behind mowers out there.

To me, scag screwed up again. I've even thought about buying a Pro V and all the parts needed to make the conversion so i would have imo the ultimate walk behind.

Wonder how many people would like to see that happen....allot. Just my .02
I bet a lot would like to see that happen but how many would actually put the cash down to buy one?

Scag in general is known to be expensive which I don't think was true (compare toro/exmark and they are inline). With the Vride they priced it pretty low and it sold like hot cakes. My guess is this is going to be their mentality for the w/b. Build it at a certain price point without short changing quality and sell a ton.
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