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Originally Posted by jcamizz View Post
I have worked for an all organic lawn care company for many years. The turf seems to look better but the problem is all the weeds that come with the organic side of things. There are many properties that I am embarrassed to pull up to because the weeds are just terrible. My boss has got us hand weeding this one lawn that is 1 1/4 acre. It is absurd to me, and I only have the patience to go at it for an hour at a time.
It is great for him that he has clients willing to pay 35$ per hour to hand weed their lawns. It just does not seem practical. Is there something you use for weeds besides corn gluten?
Have your boss read this article in the latest issue of Turf.
While neither Fiesta nor ADIOS are technically "organic", both of these weed control products have minimal health or environmental concerns.

Some fine tuning of cultural practises will also go a long way in reducing turf grass weeds.
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